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It is our greatest pleasure to hear from families we've served after the service is over. We receive many letters, cards and emails thanking us for our care and attention during their time of need and those words warm our hearts and affirm that we are truly here to serve.

If we have served your family and you would like to share your thoughts, please write your own testimonial.

Michael thought of everything when I could think of nothing. He could not take away our loss, but he managed all of the details so my sisters and I did not have to. He was kind and caring throughout the process and sent reminders when needed in the kindest way possible. I definitely recommend Michael and Ernst when in need. Thank you Michael for all you did for us. It may not have seemed like much to you, but to us it was everything.

Robin Jensen June 21, 2021

I can't say enough great things about Michael Ernst. He was so kind, helpful and provided top-notch service to my family in a time of devastating loss. He was always available to talk via phone/email/text. He answered numerous questions at various hours of the day. He met us at the funeral home to drop off/pick up items whenever we needed to. The funeral home is decorated very nicely. It felt modern and timeless to me. Just a few things that Michael did that I felt went above and beyond and I had not seen done before: he made us thank you cards, and he took photos of all flowers/plants and indicated who they were from. Michael: our family cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. We sincerely appreciate you.

Shelby Gonner July 31, 2019

Michael went above and beyond any and all of our family expectations. He was patient and explained things to us “newbies”. He put us at ease and was relateable theoughout the process. Could not recomment him any more. Amazing!!!

Scott Reitz February 22, 2019

During the most difficult time imaginable, Michael went so above and beyond what any of my family expected. He made sure every detail was handled to the T and did little things that we didn’t even ask for. He was informative and never pressured us into anything we didn’t want. His staff is just as wonderful. It is odd to recommend a funeral home, but if ever in need, Michael and Ernst is second best to none.

Allan R. December 15, 2018