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Below you will find information on everything that we can provide you and your family in your time of need.  We handle all funeral, memorial and cremation services.  We are always available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please call:  (712) 371-3985 or email us at  with any questions, comments or concerns.  Michael Ernst will be happy to assist you.

How is Ernst Funeral & Memorial Services able to handle our funeral arrangements?
     We at Ernst Funeral & Memorial Services know a death is a very emotional and trying time for many.  We strive to make the funeral arranging process as stress free and as easy as possible.  Even without a local facility, we are still able to offer a number of convenient and professional amenities that a full service funeral provider does. 
  •      When the death occurs, we are dispatched immediately 24 hours a day to the location of your loved one.  A local funeral home usually is able to handle the removal in   about an hours time.  This is the only service that your family may notice a slight difference or delay with.  Our goal is to be at your loved one's side within a couple of hours.  If for any reason we would be delayed, we will notify a closer funeral home that we work with to make the removal for us in a timely fashion. 
  •      We would then set an appointment with your family to discuss funeral/cremation details.   For your convenience we make in home arrangements.  This allows you and your family to be as comfortable as possible during the arrangement conference.  We offer state of the art digital displays of merchandise for you to select from.  If you would prefer not to make arrangements at your home, we can gladly use your church or our home.  All of this is done to give you a comfortable and non-pressure environment for you and your family. 
  •      We work with all local churches, ministers and cemeteries.  We arrange for evening/day visitations, funeral ceremonies, graveside services, committal services, ministers, musicians, etc.  If you are not associated with a local church, we are able to find suitable locations in which your service can take place.  We also work with the florist of your choice on any family flower arrangements that may be needed.
  •      Every detail handled by Ernst Funeral & Memorial Services is done so with professionalism, compassion and expertise.  99% of the time, Michael Ernst will handle ALL details related to the funeral himself, so you can take peace in knowing it will be done right.

Why Use Ernst Funeral & Memorial Services versus our local provider?
      Having grown up in Ida Grove, I am very familiar with the people and customs of the local community.  My parents live in Ida Grove, our extended family is from Ida Grove and I still consider Ida Grove home.  I have always been interested and excited about serving my hometown.  We truly feel this is the right time to offer our exceptional services to you and your family.
     We invite you to compare our prices to that of you local funeral providers.  We will gladly offer you a customized itemized sheet listing all the funeral expenses you will incur for the services that you request.  You can then request the same breakdown from your local provider.  We will NEVER try to up sell you anything or persuade you into purchasing something that you do not want or need.  As of March 2014, when comparing expenses side by side, we can beat EVERY service in price, with some savings in the thousands of dollars, that any of your local providers can offer you and your family.  

     "To provide your family the highest level of compassion, care and the utmost personal service at one of the most affordable prices in the area is OUR PROMISE TO YOU"

What if I already have my service pre-planned at another funeral home?
    If you already have your funeral arrangements pre-arranged, no worries; you can just transfer those over to Ernst Funeral and Memorial Services today.  You can request a copy of your arrangements made with your local provider and have them sent to us; where we will start a NO OBLIGATION file.  If you have already pre-paid your services you can easily transfer those as well. There are a number of options you can choose from where you will incurr no penalty for transferring your plan.  We will financially trust your funds with FIRST STATE BANK in Ida Grove under all regulations and rules set forth by the Iowa Insurance Division.  With our significant lower prices then local providers, a majority of the transferred plans will be eligible for a refund to be credited back to you and your family.
     If you haven't pre-arranged your funeral details yet, we can certainly help you with that process.  Pre-arranging allows you to record all of your funeral details and wishes.  We gather all the vital information needed to fill out death certificates and permits and select appropriate merchandise you will need for your specific arrangements.  Musical selections, musicians, pallbearers, flowers and memorial paper goods are just some of the many details we will discuss.  All of this is offered at no cost to you and your family.

     We offer Pre-Paid guaranteed plans that lock in our prices at today's current rates.  What this means to you is that once you pay for your services, your family will NEVER have to pay anything else at the time of one's death.  Contact Michael today to find out more information about all of the pre-planning options we can offer you.

We are proud to offer our Traditional Funeral Service Package to the Ida Grove area.  This package represents a $1200.00 savings from our normal charges and an even greater saving over your local funeral providers.  This is an exceptional value that we are pleased to offer you and your family.

Check back often as we continue to add additional special packages we are proud to offer your area.

 If you would like more information about this package, or any other services we offer, please never hesitate in contacting us 24 hours a day at (712) 371-3985 or by emailing us at or under our CONTACT US tab above.
     We hope the information we have provided has been informational and useful to you.  Again, we are always available 24 hours a day to assist you and your family; so please never hesitate in contacting us.

     Our goal in the near future is to open an arrangement and merchandise center in Ida Grove where we will be able to meet with at-need and pre-need families.  Join the growing number of local families who have already arranged for Ernst Funeral & Memorial Services to handle their final wishes.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in anyway we can.  
God Bless.
In Loving Memory
Lavonne Jean Meisner
"Loving Mother, Grandmother & Friend"
"On April 7, 2010, Lavonne Meisner, a wonderful mother, grandmother and friend passed away from this earth and went to be with he Lord.  When it was time for funeral arrangements, I was honored that my family trusted me to handle her funeral details.  "But without having a local funeral home, how can this be done?" I was asked by some.  Having grown up in the funeral industry under the direction of Dan Ciha and Scott Huffman, I was familiar with all the local customs and procedures.  Funeral arrangements were made in the comfort of my uncle's home, an evening vistiation was arranged at my grandmother's church, St. Paul Lutheran Church, followed by services the following morning with burial  just south of town.  To this day, I still receive compliments about the service we were so blessed to have been able to provide.  Since that time, a number of people have approached us about providing services for them when they pass; which is why we feel this is the time to offer our entire hometown community our affordable and compassionate services.  Call or email us today to find out what we can offer you and your family.
            -Michael, Dennis & Vicki Ernst
Ernst Funeral and Memorial Services 
serves ALL churches, cemeteries and faiths.  Below are just a few of the churches and cemeteries we proudly serve in your area.
-Sacred Heart Catholic Church
-Faith Community Church
-Heartland Baptist Church
-Ida Grove United Methodist Church
-St. Paul Lutheran Church
-Westminster Presbyterian Church
-Evangelical Free Church (Arthur)
-St. John's Lutheran Church (B.C.)
-First Presbyterian Church (B.C.)

-Ida Grove Cemetery
-Sacred Heart Cemetery
-Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
-Mount Hope Cemetery
-Odebolt Cemetery